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Top tips - four steps to guarantee a house move before Christmas

Buyer activity in the UK property industry continues to flourish because of structural facts such as demand for more space and a limited supply of properties for sale.

According to a recent study, many people think that selling a property is more stressful than other important life events, such as starting a new job.

Using our expertise as estate agents, we have accumulated the below list of actions to make your home moving journey less stressful and more rapid.

If you’re a seller who wants to secure a house move before Christmas, follow these four steps before you put your property up for sale.

Maximise space to maximise appeal

When potential viewers attend a viewing, one of the first things they observe is how much space is available. This is because this helps them determine how it can suit their lifestyle.

Interior design can do so much to increase the value of your home. We advise that you are mindful of where your furniture is placed. Does it make the room look smaller? Does it make the room look darker? Consider moving furniture around to make the most of the space at your disposal.

As humans, we’re creatures of habit, so it is likely that by now you will be used to the layout of every room. Why not invite around a friend and ask them where they’d place your furniture?

Declutter and clean your home

With Covid-19 still wreaking havoc around the world, cleanliness has never been more important in everyone’s life.

The importance of decluttering and cleaning your home should never be overlooked because it can make your home more desirable.

Decluttering and cleaning early on not only make your home more appealing to potential homebuyers but also gives you a head start for when you move to a new location. That’s because it will mean most of the unused items collecting dust will be gone, making your moving process a lot simpler. Rubbish removal company Any Junk surveyed property experts in the UK about the impact clutter has on the home selling process.

Overall, decluttering resulted in more value added to the property, eliminated suspicions of issues with the house, and viewers of the property were able to visualise the house as theirs more easily.

Paint the interior and exterior

Once you have decluttered and cleared space, you will be able to pinpoint what areas need revitalising with a layer of paint.

Dulux Weathershield released the exterior trends report earlier this year. The report analysed the paint colours taking the internet by storm.

The research shows that simply refreshing the outside and inside of your home can add value. Almost a third of Brits expect to pay 25% more for a freshly painted home, so this easy step could also increase the value of your property.

Prepare prices in advance

We provide a free and instant online valuation to give you an estimate of how much your home could go for in the current marketplace. Setting realistic prices and doing the right research will ensure that you set the right price.

Now is the perfect time to sell. Despite the upcoming end of the stamp duty holiday, UK house prices continue to hit record highs. Average prices rose by 0.7% in August, according to Halifax.

Mortgage fees, valuation fees, survey fees, removal vans, and legal fees are only a few of the costs that you need to consider. Note down all the fees associated with moving home so that you know exactly what you will have to cover.

We focus on Ilford, East London, and Essex, so if you are local and looking to sell before Christmas, do not hesitate to contact us.

We can pair you with a knowledgeable agent who will inform you about the process and advise you exactly what actions you need to take to yield the best results.

The housing market shows no signs of slowing down, however, acting fast is the best way to secure a sale before the year is up.