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Landlords – five ways to attract tenants to your home this spring

The season landlords choose to let their rental property can be a major factor in how easily they attract tenants. As we enter spring, the milder weather it brings can be a big benefit to landlords looking to appeal to potential tenants.

Here at Ideal Locations, we can help you attract tenants this spring. Below, we set out five ways landlords can attract new renters to their homes over the next few months.

Add spring touches to your property

When thinking about spring, what usually comes to mind are flowers in bloom and lush greenery. Landlords should embrace springtime by adding flowers and floral decorations to their property.

Experts even claim flowers have a positive impact on people’s mood and wellbeing, too.

Flowers inside your rental property can make the home feel more welcoming as well as more aesthetically pleasing.

Refresh your home’s exteriors and outside spaces

As the weather warms up in the spring, people begin to spend more time in outside areas such as gardens. A recent report by Rightmove found property searches for ‘gardens’ have already increased by 70%.

Additionally, when a potential tenant arrives at a property for a viewing, the first aspect of the property they will probably notice is the outside of your home so landlords should do their best to maximise this space.

Winter’s cold weather can sometimes cause landlords to neglect the outside of their rental property, so overgrown plants, grass, and muddy driveways become a common sight.

By sorting out overgrown weeds, plants and muddy driveways, landlords can present an image of a well-looked after property before tenants even set foot inside the house.

Bring the light in

Spring brings in increased sunshine, and sun rays have a positive effect on people’s moods. Experts say that people become exposed to serotonin through sunlight rays and this hormone is known for boosting people’s spirits.

Making changes to the home can help to let in more light to make the property brighter and can perk up potential tenants’ moods during the viewing.

The colours of walls in the house affect the amount of light that gets let into the home. A rule of thumb to consider during spring is neutral paint colours such as white reflect the most light while dark colours absorb light and make the room appear darker.

Dark curtains or windows could also be replaced with lighter and brighter ones to boost the brightness of the home.

Spring cleaning and decluttering

The light from the sun makes rooms look bigger but it can also draw more attention to dust and dirt. So, doing a thorough spring clean is vital when appealing to tenants during this time of year.

Studies reveal that people are less likely to arrange viewings at properties that are visibly dirty online. Landlords should make sure their property is as clean as possible.

Decluttering should also play a major role in your spring clean as cluttered rooms will not only look untidier but smaller.

Work with the right letting agent

Research has found the East London and Essex rental market, where we cover, is currently experiencing an increase in demand. Barking and Dagenham had the highest increase in the level of rental stock being let of 23%, with Waltham Forest (22%) and Newham (21%) following closely behind. With these areas experiencing such a rental boom, it’s important to work with the right letting agent – one who knows the area like the back of their hand.

Ideal Locations is an award-winning estate agency based in Ilford. We cover areas in East London and Essex and can help to manage the letting of your property. You can contact us here to find out more about our services.