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Revealed - garden features that could devalue your property

Before listing your home for sale, you must ensure that the home is prepared so that it meets the demands of prospective buyers.

A lot of the time sellers spend so much time decorating and tidying the inside of the home that they forget about the garden.

However, in the Garden Trends Report by Roofing Megastore, over 2,000 prospective buyers revealed which garden trends they value, and which would cause them to lower their offer.

Below, we take a closer look at the garden features that could put buyers off. Sellers who are aware of these will know exactly which features to avoid and which ones to use in your garden before you sell.

Repair any damaged areas of the garden

Considering the recent energy price cap increase and soaring inflation, people are seeking ways to cut costs. As a result, parts of the home that require work can seriously put buyers off as they see getting repairs done as an added expense.

Especially during the warmer seasons, people want to spend more time enjoying the weather as opposed to doing DIY tasks.

Overall, the Garden Trends Report shows that most buyers put in a lower offer if areas of the garden require fixing. Broken guttering could devalue a home by £5,800, and broken fences could undervalue a home by £5,500.

Broken fences not only raise the issue of an added expense, but they can also interfere with the level of security in a home. A robust and secure fence or hedging can stop potential burglars from accessing a garden, and it can increase the level of privacy outside.

Clean and tidy homes prompt high values

Whether your garden is large or small, presenting it in the best light will prevent buyers from lowering their offers.

Like with most things, first impressions are key and when viewing a home this is also the case. One of the first features of the home that captures interest is the front garden. If overgrown grass, rubbish, and dirt are visible in the garden, it is likely to give prospective buyers a bad impression.

This could result in them putting in a lower offer or, in worst cases, it could cause them to lose interest in the home altogether.

Removing mud from the driveway using a hose, removing litter from the garden, and mowing the lawn are simple tasks that must be done.

The Garden Trends Report also reveals that garden rubbish and debris can reduce the value of a home by £5,500, while outdoor children’s toys or play equipment could lower offers by £5,000.

Keep on top of plants and flowers

Healthy plants and flowers in the garden can attract the interest of prospective buyers as they brighten up the outside of the home.

The research claims that overgrown weeds in pathways knock £5,155 off of homes, while invasive or damaging plants could take off £5,720 from the overall value of the home.

Pets, insects, and other natural causes can result in plants dying or getting infected, so it is important that these are well maintained.

No seller will be granted a second chance to make a positive first impression. Therefore, keeping the garden neat, fixing any outdoor issues such as a broken fence, and decorating the garden with plants are great ways to ensure the property sells for what it is worth.

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