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Sellers – why your garden space is more important than ever

If there is going to be one clear housing legacy from the coronavirus crisis, it’s highly likely to be a much greater demand for gardens and outdoor space – which became such prized assets during the height of lockdown.

Even as restrictions on movement are eased, the popularity of gardens isn’t likely to diminish as the possibility of further local – or even national – lockdowns remains should a spike in infections occur. Equally, as we enter the height of summer, buyers tend to prioritise outdoor space to an even greater degree to cater for BBQs, alfresco dining and a place for kids to burn off excess energy.

All the latest findings, from the likes of RICS, Rightmove and others, have pointed to gardens becoming a must-have. Your garden would have been a key selling point for many even before the pandemic hit, but now it has taken on a much wider appeal, with all manner of demographics now zoning in on this space.

Which means, of course, if you have a garden – no matter its size – you are at an advantage over those sellers who don’t in the current environment. But it’s not enough to just have a garden, it needs to look the part and wow would-be buyers on the initial virtual tours and the in-person physical viewing once they are serious about your property.

Below, we outline some of the ways in which to get your garden looking its best.

Make it look tip-top

Sounds obvious, right? But it can be all too easy to get complacent and to believe, right now, that just a garden alone will be enough to convince wavering buyers.

However, a garden that is unkempt, unmaintained and unloved won’t give the right impression to buyers. Fortunately, it’s something that shouldn’t be an issue with just some basic TLC.

Making sure your garden is in good condition won’t take much time, money or effort. Or, on a basic level, much expertise. Mow the lawn, de-weed, plant some new flowers, install some hanging baskets for added colour and vibrancy, and ensure that everything is clean, tidy and neat.

Ensure that all your perimeter fences and doors are in good condition, and if you have any decking space or a BBQ area make sure this is clean, comfortable and inviting.

If you really want your garden to shine and wow prospective buyers, it may be worth your while hiring in a gardener to do the job for you – while maintaining social distancing and following the government guidelines on hygiene protocols, of course. Although this brings a cost in the short-term, it could pay itself back many times over if you successfully sell your home in a fast, hassle-free manner.

Don’t neglect your garage or shed

All too often these buildings are neglected or hidden away, when in actual fact they can have considerable appeal to buyers. Whether it’s used as a man cave, a place for someone to work from home, an artist’s studio or merely as a useful place for storage, it should be given a purpose.

Unless your garage or shed already has an existing purpose – for example as a workshop or a home office – it is wise to make it as much of a blank canvas as possible (albeit a clean, well-maintained, warm blank canvas), so buyers can imagine the space as their own.

Know your garden inside out

Which part of the garden receives the most sunlight? At what time does it start to get shady? Where in the garden is the most peaceful place to sit? All these things are elements you, or your agent on your behalf, can relay to buyers during the virtual viewings and the actual viewing itself.

If you don’t know these things already, you can work it out by paying extra special attention to your garden for the day – particularly a day when the weather is playing ball. Wander around, getting a real feel for it. Sit in different places. Get to know your garden as well as you can. These small details could make all the difference and will really help to make your garden a valuable tool in your sales armoury.

Work with what you have

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to not attempt to turn your garden into something it isn’t. An attractive, inviting garden doesn’t need to have ornate water features, grand ponds or elaborate flower beds. Often, less can be more, and simplicity is favoured by many buyers.

Don’t try and completely reinvent your garden, but use what you have at your disposal to ensure it is green, colourful, tidy and welcoming.

If you have a particular standout feature, don’t be afraid to highlight this, but they are not the be all and end all. Work out a style for your garden and stick to it. But, whatever you do, don’t leave it shabby and overgrowing – as this is only likely to put buyers off.

Here at Ideal Locations, we understand the importance of gardens in the new normal and will do all we can to prioritise these areas on virtual and physical viewings.We are working as normal again, albeit firmly in line with the new government guidance.

If you require advice on any part of the moving process or how the market is functioning post-coronavirus, get in touch with us today.

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