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Home movers – here’s five top tips for a successful move

buyer-friendly initiatives such asthe stamp duty holiday and low interest rates continuing to
boost the property market, many people are in the process of relocating.

buying or selling a property is considered to be one of life’s most stressful
events, while the physical act of moving day itself is estimated to cost just
over £1,100 on its own.

With this in
mind, it’s absolutely crucial that the appropriate steps are taken to reduce
the stress involved in moving home.

Here atIdeal Locations, we outline five ways of doing this…


The moving
process can take up to several weeks on average, so it’s a good idea to kick into
gear and give yourself time to prepare early on. This means using a checklist
for the duration of the move, dividing your tasks into weeks and setting
yourself a deadline.

This is a
practical way to ensure that you can keep on top of important tasks and itemise
everything you need. After all, the saying ‘failing to prepare is preparing to
fail’ rings absolutely true in this case.


is an all-important step to ensure a smoother packing experience, as well as
eliminating the chances of bringing unnecessary or unused items to your new
home – allowing even more space.

As a general
rule, if you come across something that hasn’t been worn or used in over three
months, get rid of it. Of course, you can sell any unwanted goods on sites like
eBay andfreecycle to help raise extra funds.Gone for Good can also be a useful alternative for old clothes and


typically requires the most time and effort and should therefore begin at least
a few weeks before the move. For this, gather the necessary tools and materials
– packing tape, bubble wrap, marker pens, self-sealing bags, labels and boxes –
and sort your items into room-related boxes.

Having an
‘essentials’ box for important documents such as birth certificates, passports,
and other important information will help you to locate them easily and protect
them from being stuffed in a box full of wires or clothes.

Hire the
right removal company

Unless you
have generous friends and/or family who are willing to transfer all of your
belongings, it’s likely you will need to hire a dependable removal company.

Be mindful to
compare quotes based on the ratings, service and feedback of each company
rather than just the price. And, if possible, try to find a firm local to your
new home, as they will already know the details of the parking access.

You also
want to make sure that they are members of theBritish Association of Removers (BAR) – that way you know you are
definitely getting a reputable firm and won’t be left wanting on the big day.

After your

Once you’ve made
the move and have begun to settle in, you will need to account for each item on
your inventory and check for any missing or damaged items, as well as checking
that your new keys work.

Be sure to
notify important contacts of your new address to avoid any confusion. You
should also considerRoyal Mail’s Postal Redirection
, which will
ensure that all bills or other mail that you’ve not changed your address on
will still reach you.

All in all,
while relocating can be stressful – particularly if you’re also in the process
of selling a home – some preparation can go a long way to make the move less of
a hassle.

Here at Ideal
Locations, we strive to make your moving journey as quick and safe as possible.
For more information on our current operations,please contact us today.

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